Application of Ceramic Screw

Our ceramic screws are used on many high technical fields.

Applied Scenes of Ceramic Screws

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Our ceramic screws are used in many areas of science, industry and medicine throughout the world.

Electric and Electronic FieldsElectric Insulation

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In most electric and electronic equipment, there is necessary that screws which are used for fixing will not be affected by electric current and magnetism.

We provide ceramic screws made of alumina with superior electric insulation characteristics.


Energy FieldsHeat Resistance, Electric Insulation

Soler cell

In the energy field with fuel cells, solar cells, and alumina ceramic screws used in nuclear reactors for their superior heat resistance and electric insulation characteristics.


Physical and Chemical FieldsChemical Resistance

Soler cell

In the chemical and physical fields (pharmaceutical manufacturing, chemical synthesis), parts of vessels and equipment require chemical resistance characteristics against acid and alkali.

Chemical stability and retention of strength at high temperatures are also needed.

Thus, our ceramic screws and after products are sought after by the research organizations and development departments of companies throughout the world.


Semiconductors and Liquid Crystals Chemical Stability etc

Soler cell

In the processing of semiconductors and liquid crystals, high chemical stability characteristics are essential. Other required qualities are stability of chemical substances with minimal leaching, magnetic resistance, retention of strength under severe processing conditions.

Our ceramic screws are in great demand since they can satisfy these conditions.


Medical Fields Living Affinity

Soler cell

Ceramics have characteristics of living affinity, so research organizations use our ceramic screws in surgical operations for fixing bones.

Numerous dental research organizations have used them repeatedly.




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