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Making Ceramic Machine Parts and Screws.

We provide high quality engineering ceramics parts (screws, nuts and fasteners).


Ceramic Screws

We are manufactures of a great variety of standard ceramic machine screws. There are nearly 1000 items with (1) 6 head types and every length, (2) 2 types of material, (3) conforming to 2 industrial standards.

Our ceramic screws are made by our original method "3D Slip Casting ®" developed by KDA so we can reduce price while maintaining the highest quality.

Manufacturing Technology

We estimate your request with a material and a method suitable for your industrial needs. And from one or a few prototypes to mass-production, we do our best for your request by our best technologies which are added our original method.


A thinking of choosing ceramics as a material.

The reasons of choosing ceramics rather than metals or plastics.

Generally speaking, ceramics are superior than other industrial materials, metals or plastics, in the next points.

  • Heat resistance
  • Wear (Abration) resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Electric insulation
  • Anti-magnetic

Other hand, ceramics are vulnerable to heat shock or mechanical shock.
Comparison of properties of metals, plastics and ceramics

However, if you specify the usage environment and use it properly, it is possible to demonstrate the effect not found in other materials, and it is possible to obtain a characteristic effect for each of various ceramic types.
Properties of various ceramics

Why don't you adopt the option of "ceramics" as a material for products and parts by deepening your knowledge about ceramics at this site?


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