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We provide high quality engineering ceramic parts to the world.

Ceramic Screws. High Quality, Great Variety and Best Price.

Characteristics of KDA Ceramic Screws.

Ceramic Screw
Great of Variety , nearly 1000 items !

We are manufactures of a great variety of standard engineering ceramic screws.
There are nearly 1000 items with (1) 6 head types and every length, (2) 2 types of material, (3) conforming to 2 industrial standards.

For details refer to the ceramic screw plice chart page.

High Quality and Low Price !

Our ceramic screws are made by our original "3D Slip Cast ®" method developed by KDA so we can reduce price while maintaining the highest quality.


KDA ceramic screws are used in many top technology fields.

Ceramic Screw

KDA ceramic screws are used in many top technology fields, such as semiconductor, liquid crystal, solar cell, fuel cell, next generation energy.

Many companies and research organizations throughout the world rely on us for products and research.

Details of KDA ceramic screws are by page and application.

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