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Explanations of how to quotation, order, payment, delivery etc.

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About Inquiries (Quotation, Order, Delivery, Questions etc), there are these outline on this page. Please read each items.



In requesting a quotation, please inform us your contact information and the following requirements.

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Required items

  • Product ID number(*1
  • (Material name)(*2
  • Quantity(*3
  • Desired delivery time

*1) Ceramic screws product ID number is on each screw price chart page.

*2) If you don't understand ceramic materials, please write about your using environment or conditions. We recommend material or product ID suited your conditions.

*3) Minimum sales quantity is 20pcs per an item.

※ An quotation cannot be issued without the above information.
※ If can not use mail form program, please contact us by below.




① You to order, we require your 'Order Form'. Please send it by email or FAX.
We receive your order, and send you an invoice form by Email.
Please make a payment according to our invoice.

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Order Form (Required)

To prevent any troubles, we only accept an order by written (Email or FAX).
※ We avoid any orders by speaking (telephone).

Required items on Order form

  • Your contact information
  • Product ID number
  • (Material name)
  • Quantity

Advanced Payment (Required) Details

※ If can not use mail form program, please contact us by below.

Email and FAX




How to payment

  • When: Prepayment (Payment in advance)
  • How: Bank transfer (Wire-transfer / T/T Remittance)
  • Currency: JPY (Japanese YEN)

※ We start to make your order after confirming your payment.





  • Time: We inform you our delivery time on a quotation or an invoice.
  • Method: EMS Usually we use EMS delivery service.
  • Cost: ExWorks We require the cost of shipping and insurance as 'ExWorks'.





About questions before requesting a quotation or other inquiries, please use mail form on our this website.

Services of Making ceramic parts

For oversea customers, we only provide ceramic screws. (In domestic, we provide making ceramic parts, too.)