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Company profile

Company name KDA Corporation
Web site name (URL) CERAMICS FACTORY™ ( )
Foundation date October 3rd, 1969.
President Mr. Yukinoki KIDA (Profile and message)
Head office location Head Office 4-2-1 Nakarokugo,
Ota-ku, TOKYO 1440055 JAPAN
TEL : +81 (0)3 3733 3851
FAX : +81 (0)3 3733 3853
Factories Tokyo factory : Nakarokugo Ota-ku TOKYO
Yokohama factory : Yokohama City KANAGAWA
Capital 10,000,000JPY
Business contents Manufacturing of ceramic machinery parts.
Manufacturing of plastic machinery parts.
Employee 50
Banks Mizuho Bank, Ltd. - Kamata branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation - Rokugo branch
MUFG Bank, Ltd. - Kamata-ekimae branch
The bank of Yokohama, Ltd. - Kamata branch
Risona Bank, Limited - Kamata branch


1969 KIDA Industry Co.,Ltd. is established in Ota-ku TOKYO on October 3rd.
1973 Yokohama Factory is founded in Tsurumi-ku Yokohama City.
1981 2nd Factory is founded in Nakarokugo Ota-ku TOKYO.
1984 3rd Factory is founded in Nakarokugo Ota-ku TOKYO.
1989 Ceramic Manufacturing Department is founded.
1990 4th Factory is founded in Nakarokugo Ota-ku TOKYO.
1991 Rapid prototyping system is introduced.
1997 The development of "3D Slip Casting®" ceramic method is completed.
1998 Haneda Factory is founded in Honhaneda Ota-ku TOKYO.
2002 The development of plastic hybrid processing "JUST IN MAKE®" is completed. The sales starts from next year.
2003 Manufacturing and sales of ceramic screws are furthered.
2006 Company name changes to "KDA Corporation" on December 1st.
2010 The development of new injection molding "Smart Molding®" is completed and the sales starts.