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1. Ceramic Screws

Q1. Are Ceramic Screws strong?

Ceramic screws are mach weaker than metal's. Don not use ceramic screws for the primary purpose of fightening strongly.

Q2. How strong is suitable torque?

The suitable torque value often changes according to a condition of fastened object, for example hardness of material etc. So please test some pieces, and do on real scene.

Q3. What kind of screws are on products?

About the categorization of our screws, first, our products are classified to metric screws or unified one. Second, their materials are Alumina or Zirconia. Third, their head shapes are Pan head, Flat countersunk head, Hexano head, Hexagon socket cap head. Forth, their nominal diameter sizes are M1.4 to M10. Fifth, their length are several. The number of all standardized product items are about 1000.

2. Orders

Q1. Is it possible to buy one?

The minimum sales quantity is 20pcs (per a product ID). So please buy more than 20pcs.

Q2. Is it possible you to send some samples?

No, we do not send any samples. Please buy minimum sales quantity, more than 20pcs.

Q3. Please tell me how to order?

1) Send your order form by Email or Fax.
-> We send INVOICE to you.
2) Make payment by Bank transfer (T/T remittance) according to the INVOICE.
We do not make and send without Order form and Payment.

3. Delivery

Q1. How long does it take to ship?

If there is stock, we send our products soon after your order and payment. But if not, we need to make, usually it spends 3 weeks or 1 month.

Q2. What method of transportation do you support?

Basically, we use EMS delivery service. If you hope FedEx or UPS etc, we support them.

4. Payment

Q1. What kind of currency for payment is it possible?

The payment currency we accept is Japanese YEN (JPY) only.

Q2. Is it possible to pay after delivery?

No, we do not accept payment after delivery. Please make a prepayment.

Q3. Is it possible use a credit card for payment?

No, we do not support credit card. Please make a payment by bank transfer.

Q4. Do products' prices contain transfer fee, insurance etc?

We trade in condition of EXW (Ex Works)