Sales and Production control

We manage manufacturing, sales and information in order to use with confidence.

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Our standard processing route

We consider a way which is suitable for customer's needs. First, selecting a material from many ceramics. Second, making a suitable processing route. And we have accumulated various processing experience data, and use them in the future manufacturing.

flow of services

Our processing and sales management system.

In our office, we have built original administration system "Factory 21". We compiled all the information about the products production that had you order them into our database and we have chased it in real time and can analyze them.

image of management system

FACTORY21™ (management software) 

Management of Quality and Information.

Quality management

For providing comfortable processing services customers need, we have continued to improve our skill and to build up better structure of quality control.

Information management

About customer's confidential information (drawings etc) we take, we have made efforts to prevent information leakage with learning about "Official trade secrets management regulations".

And about threats of related network security, we have done our best of opposing them based on latest information.