Ceramic Screws standard

Ceramic Screws and Nuts

There are many kinds of ceramics screws by KDA original "3D Slip Casting®" method.

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The strong points of KDA's ceramic screws.


image of 3D Slip Casting

 1/10 price of existing products.

Existing ceramics screws are so expensive. Generally, prices of commonly used size of M3, M4 and M5 were over 10000JPY (100USD).

We have thought that expensive ceramics screws do not fit industrial needs. So KDA has developed original method "3D Slip Casting®". It has achieved manufacturing cost reduction and 1/10 price of existing products.

3D Slip Casting® methodPrice-size charts of ceramic screws.


Great Vriety

image of variety kinds

 1000 items. There are many kinds.

6 heads → Flat (Countersunk), Pan, Pan+gashole, Hexagon bolt, Hexa socket cap, Hexagon nut.
2 materials → Alumina, Zirconia
2 industrial standards → Metric, Unified
Size → M1.4 to M10 Length → 3 to 45mm

With elements above, KDA has standardized ceramics screws 1000 items.Price charts of ceramic screws.


High Quarity

image of uses.

 Used in top technology fields.

KDA ceramics screws have been used in many top technology fields, semiconductor / liquid crystal, solar panel, fuel cell, next generation energy etc.

And more, medical laboratories and chemical institutes in the world have used many KDA ceramics screws.

Applications of ceramic screws.