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Before Contact Us, please read our easy trading terms.

Please read the following below ordering.

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Order sequence : Estimate, Order, Shipping and Payment.


Only ceramic screws are available for overseas sales. Please send your data for an estimate by E-mail or FAX. We need to know

1) Company name 2) Your name
3) Contact information (Address, TEL, FAX and E-mail)
4) Ceramic Screw Type ID ( on the price chart page )
5) Quantity (more than 20 pieces per an item)
6) Desired delivery time

* An estimate cannot be issued without the above data.

Use the handy E-mail form provided.


If you wish to order,
send an order form(*1) by E-mail or FAX.
We will send you an invoice after confirmation of your order.

receipt of money transfer (in Japanese Yen) to our bank.(*2)
We will start to process your order after confirmation of payment.(*3)

Use the handy E-mail form provided.

*1) Telephone orders have lead to confusion in the past, so all orders must be in writing.
*2) Our bank data is provided on the invoice.
*3) We cannot start to process your order without receipt of a written order and confirmation of payment.


We will inform you when your order is completed and ship it by EMS international mail service.
The customer is responsible for shipping charges.
See the estimate form for details.


Payment Terms : Prepayment (Payment in advance)
Payment Method : Wire-transfer (T/T Remittance)
Payment Currency : JPY (Japanese YEN)

Please wire-transfer your payment according to an INOVICE we issue. (We start to make your request after confirming your payment.)

Inquiry, Request Estimate and Purchase order.



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